Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spreading the love

In case you didn't catch it, I managed to get around the blogosphere a little bit yesterday. There's so many great blogs out there, why not try to hook up with them you can?

First, my weekly piece for Down the Line!, called VANtage Point, ran. If you haven't caught it before, it's a preview of a tournament of my choosing, along with the predictions you would expect from Tennis Talk, Anyone? (Does that sound like a commercial or what?) You can check out this week's edition by clicking here.

And as for the other blog, I was just thinking about the week that Roger Federer has had and decided to write something about it. I was going to put here on TTA?, but figured, why not give it to THE blog for "Fedophiles," GoToTennis? So I did! And you can catch what I wrote by clicking here for that.

So, if you want to catch some Tennis Talk, Anyone?-type musings, this isn't the only place to get them (but it's definitely the first place, so check me out)!


Anonymous said...

van it brian j from alabama first of all your right about federer needing to become the hunter this will help him a ton. the other crazy thing is his lack of coaching with Nadel why will he not move to his left on the return i mean damn dose he not see that when HE looks at film. crazy dude it just kill me he want move on the return. And last thing he need to hit a real mean slice and stop trying to come over every damn backhand. maybe we should send him some old films of becker trying to beat andre from the baseline with topspin one handers not going to work.. SEE YOU BIG MAN

van said...

Or we could send him those videotapes of Jordan or Lawrence beating up on Sias using a killer slice so he could see that's the way to go! : ) (I have learned to bend my knees a little more!)

Yeah, you're right about the return: He gets eaten up every time. He might as well be working from a 30-love hole when Nadal serves. And I've never understood why he just doesn't use a huge slice. Does that just not work against Nadal, whose balls might just be too heavy?

Anonymous said...

Van I think Nadal is a great player I know his racquet is quick so the low ball he can pick it up. I just think Federer cant win trying to topspin every high ball. He has proven he can make a great match out of it but not win.
If he cant slice that heavy ball or volly it then he cant win. to this is a muscle issue he needs to man up a little not cry (in front of Laver) and get in the gym and workout so he slice that heavy ball back.

good to talk tennis with the MAN again.