Friday, March 20, 2009

The turning point?

I'm doing a lot of Larry Stefanki name-dropping here!

In my last post, I mentioned how I thought James Blake could've used him, and I'm about to talk about his current charge, Andy Roddick and what will be the true test of their relationship starting today. I wonder if his own family gives him this much props!

Anyway, if you didn't catch it before the tournament started, over on VANtage Point at Down the Line!, I predicted a Roger Federer-Roddick final, fully under the realization that A-Rod would have to go through Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal for that to happen. Well, today is where the first part of that mission starts with Andy and Djoko facing off in the quarters. This is really the first true test for Roddick and Stefanki, more so than that quarterfinal match at the Australian Open this year, when Djokovic retired in the fourth set.

Roddick's had a few good wins in the past few weeks against David Ferrer, Stanislas Wawrinka and Radek Stepanek. But while those three might be pretty decent, they're nowhere near the big four on the ATP tour. To be a true contender for Slams this year, and I'd even go on to say for the rest of his career, opportunities to take out big guys back-to-back at Masters series events has to be the building block for that. And this is where Stefanki will earn his paycheck.


TopSpin said...

Hi Van - Hope all is well...

Andy has been absolutely riveting this year, so much so that I'm actually quite confident of him getting past Djoko.

Djoko's shots are landing way too short for my liking this year - this was particularly evident against Wawrinka in their last match.

Not so sure about Nadal though - I can't truly say I feel 'confident' of Andy coming out on top there. Rafa seems to get better and better and his grit means he can come through many more matches than you might expect him to on his least favourite surface.

freakyfrites said...

Watching the Roddick - Djoko match right now and Andy is looking great! (In the second set. . .)

Rafa, though is a completely different story - we'll see! And Roger still needs to get through Murray, which I think will be a challenge. Roger's looking "iffy" to me this week (which I know sounds silly considering his results, but I'm sure you know what I mean. . .)

I just like how you always root for Andy Roddick - it's cool to be such a loyal (and knowledgeable) fan.

Naf said...

I cannot believe Roddick just beat Djokovic. Can't believe it. I also admire your Roddick loyalty, but I'm still not buying. If he wins Wimby or somethin', though ...

D Crawford Insurance said...

Hi there, I was so excited to find a website with posts about the tennis that's happening now. I just finished a grand post and it disappeared. I would love to yak with ya'll about tennis. I find my bestie just tolerates me for a few mins and my hubby, he's good he is but I need more. I'm much more obsessive than he is when it comes to this sport.
Check out my FB to learn about me. As I understand, the topic is Andy Roddick. He is hot right now... only 4+ errors against Novak today..woo hoo. And I thought the heat is what gave him the edge at the Aussie but I guess I was wrong. But I did think Novak didn't have his same fire. There was something up... didn't see his mom or dad and we usually see at least one of them shoutin Nole. I really think something bigger than tennis was going on with him... he just looked listless didn't he?
Did you see the Murray/Ljubicic match? How bout that line challenge Murray made? that machine was so far off, I have no idea how they can justify using it now... or at least address the issue. Ivan got totally robbed of the point, least it didn't cost him the game eh?
I'll be back to natter some more, thanks so much for this site, I'll be checking your other blog posts just now~ Deb

van said...

Hey everyone, I didn't want to comment for fear of jinxing A-Rod and Federer: Looks like I should have taken a different approach! It looks like Murray and Rafa are really the two to beat.

And welcome, Deb! Please keep coming back and commenting!