Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Emergency shout-out to GoToTennis!!!

Hey Freakyfrites! Sorry for the weird way to try to reach you: this is the only thing I could think of since I tried to e-mail you and it didn't work. Anyway, I tried to leave a posting on your blog, but I was getting an error message. I know I had to register for Wordpress before, and when I tried to log in, it said I had the wrong password. I got a new password, but I think I ended up cracking your blog! Anyway, you can e-mail me at vansias@verizon.net to talk about it. I hope I didn't screw things up, and I hope you're up with it being Cali time and all!


hcfoo said...

Hi Van, I can't load Freakyfrite's blog too.

hcfoo said...

Oopss, it's okay now..

van said...

I thought I broke her blog! I still can't leave comments on it, though.

freakyfrites said...

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for the shout out - transferring to a new format (blogger to wordpress) means there are lots of bugs to fix! I think we solved the problem. Van - please email me at gototennis@gmail.com if you have any more difficulties.

You guys are the best!