Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A proper farewell

I just realized: I never said goodbye to this year's Australian Open. I mean, there were champions I haven't acknowledged, tears I haven't made mention of … the whole kit and kaboodle! I'll keep it brief since everything's been discussed and dissected elsewhere.

• First, congrats to Rafael Nadal on winning the whole thing. Is it me or do you, too, like him more each time you see him win?

• I'd also like to acknowledge the Bryans and Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza winning the men's and mixed doubles, respectively. I always plug this all the time I write something about the Bryans, and sadly, I'm going to do it again. I just think they should get more props for what they've accomplished.

• What can you say about Serena Williams that hasn't been said? Wow.

• Roger Federer's going to be OK.

• My favorite performers this tournament? That has to be Fernando Verdasco, Jelena Dokic Andy Roddick. I hope they keep up the good form throughout the year.

• Also, that was some run by the Russian women, huh? They were a missed volley away from their being four in the semis.

Well, anyway, I'm moving on. But you have to admit (or at least I am!): This was one of the most intriguing Aussies in years.

(Photo: AP)


Naf said...

I'm with you about Nadal. In a year and a half, I know I've gone from neutral to big, huge, monster fan.
Doubles needs more props. And what about the sisters Williams? Although they're not so much playing doubles as they are playing singles on the same court ...

van said...

Yeah, Rafa's kinda the man. You can't help but like the kid.

I had mentioned their doubles win earlier, but you're right, since I was giving shout-outs and all.

I was watching a Fed Cup match from a couple of years ago today (unemployment will do that to you!) and Venus was playing with Lisa Raymond. They were just showing highlights and it made Venus look like the weak link on the court. I guess they obviously get away with being two singles players out there.

Kim said...

I agree - the Bryan brothers and all of doubles are extremely overlooked. And since so many of us play a lot of doubles, I wish ESPN would at least mention what is going on once in awhile. The only coverage I consistently saw focused on Serena and Venus.

freakyfrites said...

Hey Van!

Great summary. Carla Suarez Navarro was one of my favorites, along with Verdasco and Dokic. Also glad to see Tsonga continue to perform well.

I loved the Australian last year and didn't think this year could come close. But it did! Love this tournament down under.