Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 'Truth' shall set us free

I don't know if I've told this little story before here at Tennis Talk, Anyone?, but it's one I like a little, so why not tell it again, just in case I have?

It was waaay back in 2001 and I was watching the Miami Masters series event, in particular a match between Pete Sampras and this 18-year-old kid, Andy Roddick. Pete was going through a so-so patch and this kid was just out there serving bombs. Roddick ended up winning the match, and afterward, I said out loud to no one (unless you want to count the TV):

That kid is the truth!

The end. (Aren't the best stories short and sweet?)

Roddick has been looking the best I've seen him in years, but it looks like he might run into a buzzsaw his next match. I was thinking about this for Roger Federer: Can this be a case of deja vu all over again? Like if you were to compare this to the U.S. Open last year? He had a five-setter early then, but then got through the rest of the tournament with minimal fuss, which is how I guess you can best describe his match against Juan Martin del Potro! I think R-Fed and A-Rod's match will be a pretty good one. I picked Federer to win that one going in (at least I got it right on these guys!), and I'm sticking to it, but I wouldn't be mad if my man, "The Truth" came through!

(Photo: AP)


heyheyhey said...

This one's too tough to call. Will Roger be over-confident? Will Roger be out of Andy's head? Only The Shadow knows...

BTW, Van, I saw that match, too! I can't ever remember the year, so thanks for pointing that out. I remember the commentators saying how he was "John Roddick's younger brother." I think my exact thought was "That kid is going places!"

Before I forget, Go Gilles! :D I have my alarm set so I won't miss it.

freakyfrites said...

Hi y'all!

I do remember your "Truth" story and think of it often! I have a kind of love/indifferent relationship with Andy. I admire his wit and perseverance and the fact that he's the quintessential American (along with Blake) but honestly, his game leaves me cold. I definitely agree with the experts who say that Andy's the ultimate overachiever - he's done more with his game than anyone else could.
But we'll see in the semis - Andy has some mojo working for him and I think he has a real chance to upset the Rog.

Vava said...

I haven't been watching the Aussie Open very much live, given the time difference, but I think I will get up for the 3:30am start to catch this one. Should be a good one. Perhaps not as good as the Djokovic-Federer match might have been (given that Roger has had more trouble with the pesky Serb), but I agree with you on A-Rod's form, which will make this one very interesting indeed.

TopSpin said...

After what happened to Del Potro I'm kinda worried for A-Rod. As good a shape as he's in I fear it might be 2007 all over again. Be gentle Roger...

Oh and when I saw your headline, I almost thought it had something to do with Snoop Dog. "Ivan was the truth", he said in an interview some years back, when speaking of Lendl as his favourite player of the past. Whatever you say Snoop.

Naf said...

Van! That's a nice story. And I give Roddick a lot of props for continuing to try to make himself competitive in the deep men's field these days. He's done a lot to stay in the top 10 for as long as he has, but he's reached his ceiling. Bless his heart, but I really think that.