Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday night (or Sunday day) is all right for fighting

How about that Dinara Safina! (And Roger Federer, too, but more on him later.)

I guess order had to be restored to the women's side of the draw, after Jelena Jankovic joined other TTA? top picks Venus Williams and Caroline Wozniacki, as well as last year's finalist Ana Ivanovic, on the sidelines.

First, though, let me apologize if you came by the site and nothing new was posted. I've been dealing with some issues of the job-loss variety the past couple of days. I guess if I were to look at it on the bright side, I should have more time to blog at least! ("Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be print journalists..."—I hope Willie Nelson doesn't mind me rewording his song!)

Anyway, enough about that: back to the tennis and tonight's (or today's for the Aussie folk) Safina-Alize Cornet match. Safina definitely has some fight in her, but you also have to think Cornet blew it a little, too. Cornet's going to have a very solid career, but I think she's definitely going to have to get stronger as to where she could pick up some free points against a player as physically imposing as Safina. Tough break for her, too, on that match point.

Well, I just wanted to get something up on ye olde Tennis Talk, Anyone? site. I'll definitely be posting more in the days ahead. My women's predictions are shot to hell, but the guys seem to be hanging there.


John said...
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John said...

I'm happy to see Del Potro making another amazing run in a Grand Slam. I do believe he will be the best player we had since Guillermo Vilas. The Big Q is, can he beat the Top 5 of the World?

Well all that will be answered when he takes on Roger Federer? I'm only optimist about the outcome. Not sure whether Fedex has the legs after that gruesome encounter with Berdych. But still, he is Federer and he still has it.

Will interesting match, we'll see how things goes.

In your opinion, kindly share with us about the Del Potro/Federer match up?

freakyfrites said...

Hey Van,

Sorry to hear about the jobless thing. I'm sure it's only a matter of months before your Tennis Talk, Anyone? is bought by Rupert Murdoch and you take to traveling the tennis circuit full time!

I never doubted Dinara - what she said after the match was right: she just couldn't lose to a player like Alize Cornet. Honestly, Alize is great, but she's like a .22 revolver to Dinara's AK-47. Dinara just wasn't pointing her gun in the right direction.

I'm worried about Rog, though. That was an insane match. I just don't know what to think, so I'm going to try not to think anything. I need that day off, too!

TopSpin said...

Hi Van

Ouch - Sorry to hear your troubles - hope things turn around quickly for you..

Like you Venus and Jelena were my top two picks - followed by Safina and Dementieva - so not all is lost.

I also hoped for a better run from Wozniacki but she's still got plenty of time - loving the whole Dokic comeback though!

Having said that there have been quite a few pleasantly surprising runs of form and I wouldn't actually mind seeing any of Bartoli, Zvonareva, Zheng-Jie produce further big wins.

As you probably know, I love what Navarro has brought to the table with that stylish backhand - more convincing though is her wonderfully unaffected and poised temperament which may be a product of her youth - nerves tend to creep in as you age.

Serena as always could go all the way, but I remain a little unsure of her form this year (I know that means nothing when you consider how she played herself into form in 07)

I'll also be keeping a quiet and rather beady eye on Kuz - she should get through Jie. Not getting at all excited. Promise.

Naf said...

Van, I hear ya. My company started giving out buyout letters couple weeks back. I sure feel like I picked the right field! I'm really sorry ...
Cornet's a kid ... she played a great match, and even though she lost (so sad to watch her crying at the end), she's got to realize that she can do much more damage. I don't even want to make another women's pick, but I'm sure I will. :(

heyheyhey said...


I'm so sorry to hear of your job loss. If you can afford it, maybe you can focus on the Aussie this week, then start looking for a new job next? It might keep your mind occupied, instead of filled with worry.

It has been an exciting week for tennis. I'm looking forward to next week! Go Gilles! :D

hcfoo said...

Hey Van, sorry to hear about your trouble. I hope things will turn around for the better in this ox year ;)

I didn't really watch much of the women's matches except for Serena and Elena which I'm rooting for.

As for the mens, with Murray is now out of the AO, perhaps we'll get another Rafa vs Roger final? I really hope so.

van said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the condolences and well wishes! I still have to wait a while before I get Tillie on the pro circuit, so I guess I need to find something quick!

• Hey John, I think JMDP should be able to put up a pretty good fight against Roger, but I don't know if he's ready to pull off the upset yet.

• Hey Freakyfrites, what's up? Murdoch or some other billionaire is my only hope: I hope he sees this! Maybe getting pushed like that can help Roger in the long run.

• TopSpin, I just want to say that I think "Guns of Navarro" is the best headline I've seen in a long time! I wonder how that Kuz-Serena match is going to go?

• Naf! What's up? Buyout letters suck! I work part-time for the newspaper I started at and they've been breaking out with those for the past couple of years there. It's a Gannett paper and now they're doing the furlough thing: Scary times.

As for Cornet, I think you and FF are right. She should be OK in the future, though.

• Hi Heyheyhey, that sounds like a good idea, but I guess I have to get back on the horse, right? I really thought Monfils was going to get your guy, but I guess not. Tough match for him ahead, but he's gotten him before, so who knows?

• Hey HCFoo! I'm hoping they do, too! I thought Cibulkova was going to get Elena, but I guess not. It's looking good for her.

I wasn't too sure about Murray making the final and was thinking it was going to be Roger-Rafa redux. I hope that happens!

Again, thank you all so much for the thoughts!

Vava said...

Hope you rebound quickly on the employment front.

This year's Aussie Open certainly doesn't lack in surprise, what with all the upsets and now Djokovic retiring due to heat. Looks like Federer-Nadal is in the cards (though I really thought Del Porto would show a little more in his match against Roger).

Naf said...

I heard Gannett was forcing their workers into a one-week furlough. Another friend of mine working for a Gannett paper also lost her job. Not a really fun time right now.
But ... back to what's really important. How about your boy Roger? Is it me, or is Andy Roddick's progress at this tournament a bit overrated? I think Fed's gonna beat him like he stole something.