Friday, January 30, 2009

Joy and (S)pain

So I thought this was kind of funny:

Last night, I'm out having a couple of beers with a buddy of mine. This guy really isn't much of a tennis fan, but he asked me about the Australian Open and my blogging, as a good friend would because he knows that's what I'm into. Anyway, I told him how I predicted Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer would make the finals. He said to me, "Aren't they the top two players in the world? You really went out there on a limb with that call!"

We laughed and I mentioned to him how Rafa had yet to play, so it wasn't a done deal yet, even though I was certain he was going to make it. How could Fernando Verdasco mount any opposition, even though he's been playing the best tennis of his career over the past two months?

Well, I almost ended up on the wrong side of that call because Verdasco gave everything he had and then some. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed watching someone get so fired up in a match!

And I have to say, there's something to be said about being on a baby's schedule: I was able to watch the match from the third set on while playing with the youngster at the crack (well, before crack) of dawn.

The dream final is set, which at least lets me save face in my friend's eyes! But wow, such a tough break for Verdasco. I wouldn't have minded if he won at all after that effort.

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heyheyhey said...


Now you can tell your daughter you got to watch the 09 Aussie Open because of her! That will earn you some big time points in a few years. :D
That was some match. The final should be interesting. I think I'll be happy with whomever wins it. I have forgotten who you picked to win it? Or did you?

I'm also going to own up to Gilles being shown the door. I was wrong. He still doesn't believe in himself fully. At 24, he doesn't have a whole lot of time to gain confidence before his body betrays him. He's my new favorite player, so I'll keep my fingers crossed he gets it together this year.