Monday, October 27, 2008

Thumb's up!

Maybe all calls for her to shut it down were a little too premature after all!

Ana Ivanovic won in Austria this weekend, her third title of the year, but first since the French, mainly due to that bad thumb injury. She beat Vera Zvonareva, who's been playing pretty well the past few weeks (and who booked her spot in Doha next week) in the finals. I think, though, with Ivanovic, you could've gone about it two ways to snap out of the slump: Shut it down, like I was suggesting, or keep playing, which she did. I hope this bodes well for her next week at the end-of-the-year championships.

Her countrywoman, Jelena Jankovic, also made a bit of news this week—this time without playing—by clinching the top spot for the year. Granted, it would've been nice if she would've picked up a Major, but she did get to a final and a couple of semis as well. Plus, the main thing she did was get out there and play—and a lot at that. It's a well-deserved accomplishment and congrats to her.

(Photo: AP)

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TopSpin said...

As glad as I am for Ivanovic, what an ATROCIOUS performance by Zvonerava - I can only assume she was totally spent. Shes played almost as much as Jankovic this year.