Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Juan to watch

He's making it look pretty easy, huh?

Juan Martin del Potro has made to ANOTHER final, this time in Tokyo. He knocked off top seed David Ferrer already here, then took out Richard Gasquet today in a tough one. He's won 29 of his past 30 matches, a feat of Federerian or Nadalian proportions. (How do you like those crazy adjectives I just made up?)

He's playing Tomas Berdych in the finals, who made it there after coming from behind to beat Andy Roddick. "Coming from behind" is not usually a phrase I associate with Berdych, who some might say can be kind of lacking in the mental toughness department at times, but he did it here.

I was actually hoping for another A-Rod/JDP rematch (remember del Potro blasted Roddick in the L.A. finals?), but that won't be happening. It would have been good to see exactly what type of form Roddick was in by playing against one of the top players on tour right now. Oh well.

I would assume del Potro would be close to booking a place in Shanghai since all he's been doing lately is winning tournaments. We'll see if he can add to the haul tomorrow.

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Jodi said...

And I thought I used bad puns. 'The Juan to Watch?' I'm proud. ;)

I think next year is going to prove the toughest for JMdP - because there is no way he can keep this hot streak going forever. So will he burn out or will he cement a place for himself in the top ten? That will be very interesting to watch.

van said...

Hey Jodi, I had to do it: I'm glad you approve!

I think he has a pretty good shot at being a top-tenner and sticking around, but yeah, that is going to be a big concern: making sure he doesn't burn out.

heyheyhey said...

Even though he lost (& was ill), I'm predicting top 10, maybe top 5 next year. All he needs to do is add a bit of muscle and work on his stamina. The muscle will come naturally as he ages and keeps working out. So really, the only thing he needs is stamina, which will also come from strenuous workouts. Go JMDP!

Reem said...

Absolutely loooove the pun!!! The Juan to Watch haha... genius!!!

van said...

• Hey heyheyhey. I totally agree with where JMDP can go and what he needs to do to get there. It's funny; I was almost ready to give up on him at some points at the beginning of the year! I forget how young he is. He can really go up further.

• Hey Reem, what's up? Glad you liked the pun!