Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm through with him

Earlier I thought he was going to make it back to the top 10 by the end of the year after he showed some signs of life during the clay-court season.

Then I thought, "Hey, if he can make the semis of Wimbledon, playing on his worst surface, he still has a lot of tennis left in him."

However, his latest loss, today against Juan Monaco at the Paris Open, has led me to make the following statement:

Tennis Talk, Anyone? no longer endorses Marat Safin.

From now on, if he does something good, then I'm considering it a total fluke—that is, if he even decides to keep playing. It makes no sense for somebody to be that good and have the losses he has without there being some type of major injury. (Check out this post at Tennis From Beyond the Baseline for more on his prior loss.)

So Marat, old chum, continue to pile up your first-round losses or make your deep runs in Majors, but as I noted in my most-frustrating list a few weeks back, you're driving me insane and I just can't handle the stress!

(Photo: AP)


heyheyhey said...

I don't know why, but I've always loved Marat, but knew never to take him seriously. I enjoy watching him play, whether he's ripping winners or tanking horribly to someone ranked 1,018.

I hope he doesn't retire, but then they all do eventually. So if this is it for Marat, thanks for the memories and good luck!

van said...

Hey Heyheyhey! Yeah, it'll be kind of weird not to see him out there if he does retire, but you just have to wonder if maybe he's tired of beating his head against the wall, too! It could've gone much better for him over the course of his career.

hcfoo said...

It's best for him to retire early. It's quite disheartening to see him lost time and time again in such a manner. I will definitely miss him...

TopSpin said...

Nothing like reverse psychology to get him going, Van!

The first round losses are bad enough, but losing in straight sets including a bagel in one of them really makes you wonder.

Taking a break is wise...regroup early next year and see what happens - he's said many times he'll retire at 30; if the results don't improve he may not even see the year out.

Jodi said...

I am hoping desperately that he doesn't throw the towel in just yet - at least not until he's played Hopman Cup with his sister. They've never played together before and I have this theory that her awesomeness might spur him on. Surely he wouldn't want his little sister to carry him through the tournament... he'll HAVE to step it up!

TopSpinTennisBlog said...

Keep the faith Van!


van said...

Hey everyone. I wonder if he really even cares. Maybe it would be better to pack it in.