Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great things ahead

So I just wanted to say that I really dig Masters events.

You know what's really cool about them? When you get to the round of 16s, its usually big names all around. In a way, it's a little cooler than at Slams because you get the action a round earlier!

Anyway, I originally wanted to write something about the matches, but I'm kind of in a rush: I'm about to head to the hospital in a few to welcome my baby daughter into the world! But before I go, here's what I think the quarterfinal matchups will be (after the 16s finish of course)! I usually make good picks when I'm on the run, as evidenced by my Mardy Fish U.S. Open prediction. (That's kinda sad that I'm still writing about that months later...):

Nadal vs. Wawrinka
Djokovic vs. Simon
Monfils vs. Murray
Del Potro vs. Federer

So there it is. I'll check later to see how it comes out. And hopefully next time around, I'll have a baby picture to post up here. Should be a couple of days, so catch ya later!


heyheyhey said...

Hey Van,

Congratulations! And welcome to the world of no sleep for the next 20 years. :D
I am loving this Madrid Masters. Hardly any bad matches.

TopSpinTennisBlog said...

Hey Van

good luck to you and your partner with the birth. It will be the most amazing experience.

Having kids is the best (and hardest) thing you'll ever do and those early weeks with a new baby are so special so enjoy it.


Jodi said...

Hey, congratulations Van!

Rich said...

congrats Van!

Shelia said...

WONDERFUL Van! Congratulations!

I hope that the baby's mom is throwing her shoe at you for posting to your blog with the baby's birth impending, lol.

freakyfrites said...

CONGRATS, Van! Soon you'll have someone new to talk tennis with!

You can watch the Masters Cup live, since you'll probably be up anyway.

All the best to you and yours!

hcfoo said...

Hey Van! Congratulations on your newborn baby girl!

Who would have thought it's going to be a final between Murray and Simon.

van said...

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the congrats! I wish I could've caught the final, but I was kind of busy... : )

Shelia said...

Hi Van! How's the baby...everyone? Give us the scoop. Now you know that you cannot tell us that you've just had a baby and let it go.


TopSpin said...

Congrats Dude....

Looking forward to the pics...