Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Young at heart

Black Tennis Pros has an exclusive interview by the site's proprietor, Sheila, with American tennis player Donald Young. He's still a teenager, but he's been touted as the next great American hope for years now.

His career has had some starts and stops to it, but there's no denying the talent's there. I wrote something about him last year where I thought he could be in the top 20 by 2010. While I'm still confident about him getting there, I've also been kind of hard on him over the past year because it seems like he's taken a step backward. Sheila's interview has softened my recent stance on him because who really knows what it's like to be in his shoes, a kid who everyone expects the world of? Then again, I wish he were working out with Robby Ginepri and Bobby Reynolds down in Atlanta—you know, hit with some pros, get bigger … I'm gonna stop there!

Anyway, check out this cool, exclusive interview with Donald Young here.

(Photo: Getty Images)


Shelia said...

Hey Van!

It's a tough call on Donald. He definitely helped me support him more by being very open and earnest during our interview. I do believe that he is making every effort. I just hope that since his parents are the guiding light in his career and he has every faith in them, that they know where his weaknesses lie and address them with outside help if they don't have those abilities.

He has unfortunately lost two first round opening matches since we talked.

van said...

Hey Sheila! Yeah, I've never even heard of that player he lost to this week. I think he should try to finish out the year playing Challengers, but I don't think that's going to happen.