Monday, September 8, 2008

That winning feeling

Another U.S. Open has come and gone (even though it's a day past when it should've been out of here) and in the singles, a couple of all-timers held off two players making their Major final debuts.

I'll start with last night's match under the lights with Serena Williams holding off Jelena Jankovic in two pretty tight sets. Not only did Williams win her third U.S. Open title (and first since '02!) and ninth Major overall, but she also got the number-one ranking back as well. Waaay back when Justine Henin retired, I thought that it would come down to Maria Sharapova, Serena or Venus Williams for the top spot on the rankings. Well, Serena has it now and in my mind, there's no question that it should be her in that position for the rest of the year. Congratulations!

Today, Roger Federer knocked off Andy Murray (who had an amazing run here), also in straights, to pick up his fifth straight title here and 13th big one overall. You know what? Looking back over the course of the past two weeks and watching R-Fed fight for this title might have been the most enjoyable tournament run I've watched of his. He probably doesn't like it, but I liked watching him go through with a little bit of an underdog/wanting-to-prove-the-doubters-wrong mentality. I think he'll get the top spot back before the year's out. And looking into my crystal ball here, which most of the time is usually broken, I think he'll win the Australian next year and break the all-time men's Slam-title record at Wimbledon. Congrats to him, too!

And I didn't get to mention this earlier, but congratulations to Liezel Huber and Cara Black on winning the women's dubs. Great effort by a great team!

That's it from New York. (Well, I guess I should say "that's it from the Open" since I live in New York ... you know what I mean!)

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heyheyhey said...

Congratulations, Roger. I did not think he could do it again until Murray won against Rafa. Then I thought Roger had a chance.

I am looking forward to Murray's play next season. Roger's too.

van said...

I think they're both due for big years next year. It'll be interesting to see how things kick off for them in Australia.

Reem said...

Hey Van. The Champ has finally done it. But it was quite a disappointing final don't you think?!?! Would have been nice if Murray had challenged Federer a bit...
I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the indoor season. Am not sure Fed will be number one... they're 1000 points apart and he's got a title to defend.... we'll see :)

TopSpin said...

Agree with Reem - Federer will most likely not be #1 by the end of the year although its not impossible.
Murray displayed one of the best performances by any player this year in his match against Nadal (although Nadal didn't turn up for the first two sets before the rain delay) - shame he wasn't able to perform to the same degree in the final.