Friday, September 5, 2008

Good for her!

I have to say, out of the four women left in the tournament, Jelena Jankovic was the fourth-most likely to get to the finals, as far as I figured. But she pulled it off. Now, I'm not expecting her to win, but I guess I shouldn't sell her short like I did here!


(Photo: AP)


Bachelor Paul said...


Jannie "Funster" said...

I think she's the future of tennis!

Jodi said...

I didn't think she was going to get through either - it is kind of nice to see her through!

That said, I think Serena is going to destroy her.

heyheyhey said...

I love Jelena. I hope she wins, but I don't see anything (or anyone) stopping Serena.

van said...

Hurricane Hanna might get in her way, heyheyhey! : )

Hey Jannie and Jodi, I think once Jelena does win a Slam, it'll do her a world of good. It's going to be a near-impossible task to pull it off at this time, I think.

And hello, Bachelor Paul.