Saturday, September 6, 2008

For all the marbles

Serena Williams easily took out the hottest player on tour, Dinara Safina, yesterday to set up today's final with Jelena Jankovic. And the big trophy comes with a little extra bonus: the number-one ranking.

I would assume this would settle for the year who should be holding the top spot. My money, and I'm assuming I'm not the only one, is going to be on Serena for this one. Williams' experience is going to be such a huge factor: I hope Jankovic can keep the ball in play and isn't shanking shots all over the place due to nerves.

That said, if Hurricane Hanna doesn't put things off a day, I'm expecting Williams to come out on top, both here and on the rankings list.

(Photo: Getty Images)


freakyfrites said...

Hi Van!

Having Serena at the top will inject some order into the chaos that is the WTA tour. I'm looking forward to seeing that #1 by her name! And yes, I too, doubt very much that Jelena will be able to find any way to beat her.

Let's just hope the rain stops. Is it still pouring where you are?

van said...

Hey Freakyfrites!

Jelena played her a lot closer than I thought possible. It was a good match, but you're right: It's good to see Serena back on top!

golfer said...


Serena is definitely playing well... so is Murray. After Murray took out Nadal last week... look for some big-time hype to be on him. is a good place to check out the local vibe of tennis, and meet players / coaches if you interested in meeting some like minded players.