Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bombs away!

I'm currently doing what every tennis fan who's at work is probably doing, too: Following the Roger Federer-Gilles Muller quarterfinal match on the U.S. Open Web site via the Live Scoring function.

Not being able to actually see the points being played, but watching the games zip by with no breaks has me wondering: Is it a server's duel? The scoreline on the first set looks like it was decided by just one mini-break in the tiebreaker for Roger.

Wait, this just in: R-Fed's poised for a break at 4-all! We'll see what happens. Yep, he got it!

(Photo: Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

you don't have to settle for the live scores--turn on the US Open Radio to hear the commentary, crowd reactions, and umpire player convos. next best option to actually seeing it.

van said...

Hey anonymous, thanks! I saw that and thought I had to download a plug-in or something. Guess I should've given it a try before-hand.

van said...

I got to listen to match point at least!

Shelia said...

I saw this match and did expect Roger to win, but I still don't have a good feel for his odds further up the road.

I'm still a big Roger fan, and hopes that he wins. I love seeing history being made.

heyheyhey said...

It was a fantastic match! Muller was serving for his life. Roger was slightly off his game, but would make all the big points. His serves waxed & waned. He just gutted it out. He is desperate to get to the final. He'll have to step it up to beat Roddick or Djokovic.

van said...

• Hey Sheila! I'm totally on board with you as far as seeing history being made goes. I'll probably cheer for him to win the French every year he plays it because he deserves to have a career Slam. Here's hoping he adds to the trophy case here!

• Hey heyheyhey! Yeah, he'll definitely have to step it up against Djoko, then probably Rafa in the finals. I think he can pull it off, though. On a different note, I hope Gilles can keep the momentum going and break out of that underachieving, journeyman mode.