Thursday, August 28, 2008

THAT'S why I picked Mauresmo vs. Safina in the quarters

The number-one player (this week, at least), Ana Ivanovic, got dumped in the second round by qualifier Julie Coin in three sets. I knew she was going to go out, but not this early!

This is what I think: Ivanovic needs to shut it down for the rest of the year. The only time you step on the court can't just be in tournament play. Then, if she keeps going like this, her confidence could eventually take a hit. Take some time off and get that thumb healed!

(Photo: Getty Images)


Jodi said...

To everything you said about Ana, I say: word. And also add, 'Ana, go see a sports psychologist and get your head in the game before Doha.'

Who's your pick to take the women's #1 spot now?

Shelia said...

I'm still at a loss to see how she's gotten this far! Every time that I watch a match of hers I realize just how depleted the women's field is.

Ivanovic does have the advantage of being able to play 'her' game consistently. But it is not a game that will have us saying years down the road that she was a 'great' player.