Sunday, August 10, 2008

The incredible shrinking tour

I'm sooo confused!

I've written before about the first-round bye situationgoing on with some of the ATP tournaments lately, namely that I don't know why this is being put into play, and also that I'm not a big fan of it.

But the stop in Washington this week really has me confused: Traditionally a 56-draw tournament, there's only 32 spots available this week! Is it the economy? Is it the Olympics? I'm sure there's 24 players that could have filled out the draw not in Beijing!

Did I miss something?


freakyfrites said...


I think you're really on to something (perhaps you should write an investigative report?) For example, Countrywide had a 28 man draw with first round byes for the top seeds. Which means that Andy Roddick didn't play his first match until THURSDAY! The tournament started Monday. The fans miss out. Also, Andy Roddick was paid somewhere between $200 - 400K in appearance fees, just for showing up in L.A. And he can't play a first round? Lame, lame, lame.

backhand said...

The 28 draw is plain stupid. I hope it ends before the BIG changes next year. You play only 4 matches to win a tournament. That's not right.

Washington can be explained with Beijing. I think they usually are the only tournament this week, so when 64 players are out in China, you can't collect enough for a 56 draw in DC. Who knows what's next? 16 draw with byes for the first 8 seeds?

van said...

• Hey FF! "Scoop" Sias will get on the case!

• Hey Backhand, I just hope they get it right and have more players playing. That makes it better for the fans to get involved; the opportunity to see more matches.