Thursday, July 31, 2008

How about 'None of the Above?'

So, I've had this poll going on for the past few days on who deserves to be number 1 on the WTA tour and I'm wondering after last night's matches at the Rogers Cup if those four should be considered.

Maria Sharapova going three I understand: Her arm's about to fall off, which is sad because it's going to be tough to navigate around that as her career goes on. She just pulled out of the Olympics and is doubtful for the U.S. Open.

But Ana Ivanovic, the current number 1, going three against Kvitova? That's no good. Granted, it was Ivanovic's first match since Wimbledon, but you know what? Why was it her first match since Wimbledon? That was eons ago, and she lost early then! While what she's achieved is great, she doesn't seem like a dominant number 1. And I don't know about you, but I like my number 1's dominant!

Serena Williams has been playing more this year than she has in years, but it looks like the knee's acting up again. She's been pretty consistent, but she needs to take the U.S. Open to have a legit shot at the top.

Jelena Jankovic has been consistent, too, but sometimes I wonder how she even makes it through two matches in a row. Has anyone ever taken the court as bandaged as she usually is?

It's funny, the only player that's handling her business like a potential number 1 is Dinara Safina: someone I ragged on forever until finally seeing the light this year. She gets out there and plays, she's fighting out of top spots and she's dropping hammers on weaker opponents. Just look at that picture of her with the big check: That's how it's supposed to be for top players! However, the way the WTA's ranking system is set up, it would take her winning all four majors next year to be queen of the hill!

I can't go in and edit that poll over there because once someone's voted, but with injuries and some weird sort of apathy taking a toll among the top candidates, maybe "none of the above" should've been an option. Or Safina should at least be a write-in candidate!

Where have you gone, Justine Henin?

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freakyfrites said...

Dinara is my number one right now, for sure, based on results and attitude.

On Ana's blog a little while back she wrote about how she finally understands the pressure Roger must feel(soon to be past tense) defending his number one position, after coming into Wimby as the No. 1 seed. Excuse me? One week at No. 1 and you can't take the pressure? That's weak.

I really would like Jelena to break through - make it to a major final and even win it - to become No. 1. Something tells me that once she finally gets there, she will be able to handle it. It's just making the jump.

Serena will never play enough to be No. 1 again, I think. Which is too bad, because she could handle it. And Venus is basically a grass court specialist. . .

I do miss Justine! She was so steely and focused - and totally comfortable with the no. 1 rank.

Things will shake out eventually - I also wonder what will happen on the men's side, once Rafa get's off his mad streak. Will the No. 1 oscillate between a few players?

Personally, I think tennis benefits with a strong No. 1.

Sorry to ramble on!

Anonymous said...

lol Justine would be injured right there with the rest of 'em. Maybe Kuzzie'll get something going already.

Jodi said...

I am with you all the way on Dinara Safina. Who would have thought that someone related to Marat Safin would be one of the most consistent players on the women's tour?

alista said...

Hey, it's my first time commenting here! I really feel like the answer is "None of the above". This has been a problem with women's tennis for a long time. Consistency should definitely be rewarded but I really feel the number one player should have at least a couple of big wins and Jelena doesn't really have that.

Safina's looking good for it; I hope she gets there. Serena has talent and deserves every one of her gutsy tournament wins, but she doesn't deserve the number one spot. She doesn't make the effort to get it and I have the impression she doesn't really care about the rankings.

So there really isn't anyone dominating right now, I don't think.

van said...

Hey all, thanks for weighing in on this. I was thinking: Is it good for the game that there's no dominant player? It's tough to predict who's going to win and maybe this shows more parity.

On the other hand, is it bad? Not knowing who really has a shot to winn could be construed as showing the talent level's really watered down across the board.