Thursday, June 26, 2008

What the 'tux' happened?

So how about that Tamarine Tanasugarn, knocking off Zvonareva, just like I predicted! : )

Totally kidding! There have been some upsets this year at majors, but nothing, I mean NOTHING like this one! Congratulations to Alla Kudryavtseva (I had to copy and paste her name there) for knocking off Ms. Menswear, Maria Sharapova. I followed the score on the Wimbledon site, but I didn't have any visual.

What happened?

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GoMaria said...

Wow. Maria is out... I got back from lunch at work and checked the live scores....I couldn't believe my eyes. I guess she wanted to go tour the Lake District with Nole so that he won't get too lonely.

This upset is worse that her US open 3rd round upset. Definitely more shocking that NOle's melt down. At least he lost to an ex slam winner.

van said...

I'm pretty shocked, too, gomaria. I got caught up at work, so I wasn't able to monitor it from the beginning. When I did check, she was 6-2, 4-2 down. I thought when she got back on serve, she was going to be OK.

Yeah, there's no getting around it: This is an extremely bad loss.

IHeartRafa said...

Oh Oh Oh A day of upsets.... Roddick is out (you got it right!) Vera Z lost to Tanasugarn (Another one!) Daniela lost (I got this right!).... and Blake is out!

Only one American left. Bobby Reynold you go man...

Goodness gracious. I need to rush home and watch the TIVO.

Steve said...

Hi Van

Didnt see the game but listened to much of the second set in the car. Her serve went to pieces (3 double faults in one game!) and her shots were all over the place.

But it seems like what really unsettled Maria was the politics and bad blood between her and the other Russian womens players.

Didnt see it myself but apparently the tense (and in the words of Annabel Croft) "extraordinarily uncooperative" warm up set the tone.

What do you make of Blake and Roddick? What is it with Blake and 5 setters?

van said...

• Great call on Hatuchova, Iheartrafa! I thought she was going to pull it out there for a second!

• Hey Steve. I don't think there's any room for not warming up a player. I remember reading eons ago how Javier Sanchez was playing someone and they kept trying to drill him while he was taking volleys (I think it was perennial journeyman Paul Chamberlin. Man, I've followed tennis a long time!) until Sanchez complained to the ump.

For one, you know what, or rather who, I think Blake needs? Larry Stefanki. He needs to be out there constructing points better, like Stefanki has done with Gonzalez. Andy needs some coaching, too.

As for Blake and five-setters, it's all in the head. I wonder if he sees a sports psychologist. There's nothing wrong with doing that.