Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I hate to say I told you so ...

...But I told you so, Wimbledon seeding committee!

Why, oh why, was Nikolay Davydenko made the number-four seed over Andy Roddick? I KNEW this would happen when the seedings were released. All it would take was someone with a pretty big serve to knock him out. Congrats to career journeyman Ben Becker on the win, though.

Here's a note to the committee on this: Davydenko can't play well on grass!

Well, there's always next year for them to get it right.

(Photo: AFP)


freakyfrites said...

Gosh, Kolya is such an enigma. Sometimes I think "wow, ironman" and other times I think "wow, tanker!" I guess he was sending us all a message with that clay court tournament in Poland last week. But seriously, why show up if you aren't going to play? Let a lucky loser take a chance to beat Benjamin Becker in the first round of Wimbledon.

Oh well, at least he didn't retire!

van said...

I know, it is hard to figure him out sometimes. But I know he has no grass-court prowess at all, or even the desire to play better on it. You're right, a Lucky Loser probably would've put up a better fight.

Shelia said...

I agree on that Andreev/Ferrer match. That could be promising. Not only is Ferrer not that great on grass, he's been petering out a bit lately on any surface.