Friday, June 27, 2008

How does Bethanie Mattek vs. Ai Sugiyama sound?

That's who I'm going with for the final Saturday on the women's side because predicting any top player might be a mistake: Number-one seed Ana Ivanovic just crashed out! More on this later.


IHeartRafa said...

Actually, it will be Betty Mattek vs. Tanasugarn. that's my prediction and I am sticking with it.... :)

freakyfrites said...

Wow - that's BOLD, Van! I don't think Serena's going down to Bethany think Serena's going to lose to Bethanie - she's pumped up after beating Amelie.

I'm predicting Aggie v. Venus. I think Radwanska is consistent and motivated enough to drive Serena nuts.

What about that Safin, huh? Unbelievable with the tough win today.

van said...

I thought of Tanasugarn, Iheartrafa, but went against it. I guess as long as Bethanie comes out on top!

Totally kidding! I'm still going with Venus and Serena.

I saw a good deal of that Safin match today, Freakyfrites, and after he lost that second set, I was kind of worried for him. But he managed to break the two matches and he's out jinx, which was good. I can't wait to see how he does against Wawrinka.

freakyfrites said...

Yeah, that's going to be a fascinating match. Making it through today was a huge test and a great signifier that Marat's in good mental shape! I love Wawrinka's game, but I have a feeling Marat's still on fire.

Whoo hoo! I love tennis!

R.C. French said...

Tanasugarn can go on the grass, maybe she will win the whole thing. Jankovic had better be on her toes anyway.

Safin vs Stan should be great. A win would be a good breakthrough for either man. Safin's not too old to have breakthroughs is he?

van said...

Hey R.C. French, I guess you could call it a "Wimbledon breakthrough." I guess you're never too old if it's at a specific place!

And Freakyfrites, I love tennis, too! I think Marat's gonna do well against him. Too bad we have to wait until Monday to find out.

Steve said...

Hi Van & Freakyfrites

I heard on the BBC that Safin's run at SW19 is the first time he's won 3 matches in the same tournament for over the year. Unbelievable, but no better time to come good.

I'm hoping for a Williams v Williams final.

Enjoy the second week.

IHeartRafa said...

Oh dear.... Tanasugarn is still in. Will we see her in the final? Hmm.... I didn't mean it when I first suggested it. Well, at least Mattek is out.

Good for Tammy anyway.