Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow, wow, WOW!!!

I don't know who could have seen THIS coming. I did wonder earlier if bailing out in the Italian would come back to bite her (and Maria Sharapova, too, since there's nothing like an extra match or two, I say). But still I never, ever would have expected this result: Serena Williams falling in straights to Katarina Srebotnik.

I don't think anyone in that half of the draw can relax, though, now that Serena's out. It's still loaded down there. So players, be on guard!

* A footnote: Big sis Venus ended up losing, too, falling to Flavia Pennetta. So much for a sister run here, or one by U.S. women, for that matter. Where have you gone, Chris Evert?

(Photo: Getty Images)

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Shelia said...

It's weird to even say, "Serena Williams defeated by Katarina Srebotnik?"

Nothing against Srebotnik, she came to work, did her job and is the victor for it, but it feels weird on the tongue.

And Serena. I haven't seen crumbling like that since... I don't even know when. Oh dear.