Thursday, May 29, 2008

See, what I meant to say was...

That my man Nik Davydenko was going to come through in straights!

Just kidding. I'm gonna have to really stop underestimating Davydenko sometimes. I think in potentially dangerous situations for him match-wise, the ONLY time I've ever thought he was going to win was against Nadal in Miami, and that was just because I figured after he beat Roddick the round before (one of his most difficult opponents) things were definitely going to go his way.

In a way, despite being so far down in the rankings and on current form alone being the underdog, I could see this as a very tough loss for Safin. A win here would have definitely affirmed he was back on track, but to lose that badly has gotta hurt.

(Photo: Getty Images)


Reem said...

Tell me about it.. I was totally rooting for Safin. I felt like he was gonna start getting back on track and I know he knows how to beat Davydenko... but then Davydenko wins, and goes on to lose to Ljubicic, who i had almost forgotten about altogether. My predictions are all messed up now as well :S

van said...

Hey Reem! I have five of my men's quarterfinal picks still alive, but the women has been disastrous for me!

I had a posting earlier making the case that I think Safin can get to the top 10 by the end of the year. I hope he doesn't let this loss derail him.