Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted/Vacation, had to get away...

Even tennis bloggers have to take a vacation sometime: I'm going to Belize for the week and will be away from my handy-dandy computer, but I figured I could squeeze in one more post before taking off. I won't even get to see how my tournament picks did. (We know my Maria one didn't work out!)

The week ahead on the tour should be interesting: The men play in Monte Carlo and the women have the Fed Cup semis. While I'm a die-hard Davis Cup fanatic, the Fed Cup has never captivated me as much—primarily because you never have an idea what the teams are going to look like, and some major mismatches can occur. Take the U.S./Russia match-up: This is going to be rough. It's a great opportunity for the U.S. players going, but come on! At this point of a competition, the big guns should be coming out. The Spain/China matchup should be intriguing, at least.

I won't break down the whole Monte Carlo draw, but I'll tell you this: For my ATP Masters Series challenge bracket, I picked Roger Federer to win the whole thing! I think this nice run in Estoril really helps get him back on track. I just realized though: With his clay-court schedule being so heavy this year, I hope he doesn't decide to bag on Monte Carlo. That would definitely take me out the running for the ATP prize! There's NO way he plays all three Masters Series events on clay: I guarantee it!


Steve said...

Hey Van

hope you had a good break and had a chance to play some tennis in the sun.

Thought you might enjoy my post on who is defending what points on clay

take it easy