Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, what did I miss?

Well, first off, every tournament-winning pick I've made for the past couple of weekends has been off!

I'm back from Belize, ready to dig into some tournament action and give my opinions on what more will happen this fine clay-court season. I get to talk about it in-depth this year because I missed out last season as I started blogging right at the beginning of the grass-court swing. (What a great time to start: a thrilling five weeks of action!)

Anyway, it looks like Roger Federer's feeling good again with great results his last two times out, particularly with a great run in Monte Carlo. Steve at Top Spin Tennis notes while it was a great week for Rafa Nadal, the story really was R-Fed.

Even though I didn't get to watch any tennis over the past week, Sam Querrey's run was interesting to keep track of. I didn't think he had it in him. But he said the smartest thing I've heard an American male say about playing on clay in at least eight or nine years:

"Well, my serve is my weapon. My serve still goes through the court. When I get my first serve in, it's pretty effective here. Then on my groundstrokes, I just have a little more time to set up and take a swing at the ball."

Think about that Andy and James. Just for Sam saying that, he gets his picture on the blog!

(Photo: Getty Images)