Monday, December 31, 2007

They're baaack! (the pro tennis players, that is)...

And so am I!

With the Australian swing kicking off this weekend marking the start of the '08 season, I'm ready to get in at the start of the year with this blog. (I started last year around Wimbledon). And not only will I be writing and making picks on the season ahead, but I'm gonna document in full a personal goal I have: To be among the top 10 4.0 players in the tri-state area. (The "Oh yeah, I play tennis, too" series will continue!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday wish list


So the U.S. won the Davis Cup, which has made my year as a sports fan. I was telling a friend of mine that that is like his favorite football team winning the Super Bowl. I hope there will be nothing but good things coming for those guys after pulling it off. I'm sure there will be less tension as they play their matches in ties now because they know they can get it done. I'm also hoping it pays off for them on the main tour, too. Here's my wish list for these guys in the year ahead:

For Andy Roddick: Unless you run into Roger Federer, you should be in some Slam final at the three you usually contend at:The Aussie, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. And hopefully, you can add another major title to your U.S. one. I still think you can do without Jimmy Connors in your corner (I hear Brad Gilbert's looking for a job!)

For James Blake: A return to the top 10 and a deep run at a major. Beating Mikhail Youzhny was the biggest win of your career, and since you did it once, there's no reason not to expect to do it again. Losing to Fernando Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Tommy Haas at the three majors best suited for your game this year are bad losses if you want to get to a point of making a breakthrough. You can do it man! Come on, 2008 is your year!

For the Bryan Brothers: For the guys who have nearly everything and have just completed one of the most dominant seasons ever, what do you ask for? How about even more dominance? This is a statement requesting something that only a few people in the history of the game have achieved, but I really, really think it's time to start thinking about the Grand Slam. In my eyes, nothing less will do!

But anyway, congrats to the team and here's hoping those four have a great '08.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Three games away!

The headline says it all! (I'm such a Davis Cup nut!)

Glad to admit I was wrong

Way to go, JB! That was definitely the biggest win of his career beating Youzhny: I swear I didn't think he had it in him. With the Bryan brothers going today, that should be it: The U.S.'s first Cup in 12 years. Also, Andy Roddick's performance was pretty impressive. Mere hours away from those guys lifting the Cup!