Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They are the champions, my friends

I figured I'd comment on both of the season-ending championships in one fell swoop; you know, a consolidating my motions type thing.

First, since it was so long ago: The women in Madrid and the finalists, Maria Sharapova and Justine Henin. It was a tough one, but Henin capped off the year with another victory. I was a little more impressed with Maria making it to the finals, though, after hardly playing over the past few months. But Henin did deserve it. I mentioned this in an earlier post around Wimbledon, how I'm a big fan of historical sports accomplishments. I'll be rooting hard for Justine to come through at the Big W next year to cap off a career Slam. She deserves it.

On the men's side last weekend in Shanghai, how about that R-Fed? This was an odd year to me for him, seeing as he lost, what, a whole nine matches? But he concluded the season with another big title over surprise finalist David Ferrer (see previous post). Until the end of his career, I'm gonna be rooting for him to win the French, to wrap up that career Slam of his own.