Friday, November 9, 2007

From the mouths of poisoned tennis players

The madness continues!

Aside from another player saying he was offered money to tank a match (Jan Hernych) and Nikolay Davydenko's family being questioned, plus the probe of Allesio di Mauro for betting on other matches, there's allegations Tommy Haas was poisoned!!! That's the craziest thing I've heard of. Hopefully it's just that: allegations.

But before that news hit, Haas said probably the most important statement made yet in regard to these gambling charges sweeping through the game: All these players coming out saying they were offered money should name names! Are families being threatened and that's why they're not saying anything? If that's what the players are thinking, then that doesn't make sense, because if you're out there saying you were offered money then whoever is offering the money would come after you anyway because they're afraid you would rat them out. At least that's how they'd do it on "The Sopranos"!

That's the tack the ATP should be pursuing: Get these players (particularly Arnaud Clement, whose comments infuriated me) to name names!

Read the second paragraph here to see what Clement said:

Maybe Tommy Haas should be the ATP commissioner. He's the only one offering any kind of solution to what's going on.