Saturday, November 17, 2007

The best-laid plans...

I just woke up, hopped in the shower and started thinking right away of a game plan for Andy Roddick to beat Roger Federer in the Masters Cup final, since I figure I should be coaching Roddick. (I'm not a fan of the Connors-John Roddick team AT ALL.) I figured first thing he needs to get out of his head is this "addition" he's made to his game: using his weak one-handed slice to get into the net. R-Fed eats that up.

Then, when he's serving, Andy should throw in a ton of kickers and sliders on both sides the majority of the time, then throw in some 140 bangers every now and then. He needs to be more Greg Maddux out there instead of Roger Clemens (a little baseball reference there for ya). Get Roger thinking instead of sitting on fastballs.

On his return game, when he gets the ball in play, don't think going for winners so much: Try to construct a point. If you have one of the top 10 biggest forehands in history, that should be able to be pulled off as to where you could at least start having more positive results in your head-to-head meetings with the guy.

However, all this is moot now as I logged on to and saw Andy got DUSTED by David Ferrer.

I guess I shouldn't have been looking ahead.