Saturday, October 20, 2007

Outside influences (or "Oh yeah, I play tennis, too: The saga continues")

This weekend was supposed to be my last sanctioned tournament that I was competing in for the year. It was also my last chance to win one before I went half my life without lifting the first-place trophy. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Well, it couldn't happen if I didn't even play the tournament!

I bailed on entering because my preparation over the past couple of weeks has been pretty nonexistent for a variety of reasons: The weather's been kind of bad outside (I wanted to practice on hard courts at the local park because that's what the tournament was on), I couldn't find anyone to hit with even if the weather was good and most importantly, girl issues, which really, REALLY made it hard to get motivated. I'll spare all the major details, but needless to say a little bit of the broken-hearted blues really sucked.

There is a tournament that I'm playing in in December at my club that I'm gonna really try to gear up for. But I really wanted to beat that half-of-my-life mark. A lot of it's on me that it didn't happen, but things on the outside can make a big difference, too, as any tennis player can attest to.