Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Inside information

The indoor season on both sides has been in full swing (particularly in the couple of weeks since I last updated the blog: sorry about that! Geez, I missed the whole Asia swing!) All this leads up to the respective end-of-the-year tournaments for the ATP and WTA, which I feel is a pretty exciting time if you're a tennis fan.

I remember back in the day (late '80s, early-to-mid '90s), when the only players winning indoor tournaments were the rocket servers on the men's side, from Becker to Ivanisevic to Sampras to Kraijcek, and the "big babes" (to quote Mary Carillo), such as Davenport, the Williams sisters and Graf. But I think the indoor game is good now because you have more baseliners standing a chance.

The ATP has tournaments in Stockholm, Vienna and Moscow (actually a co-ed event) going on this week, while the women, beside Moscow, are also playing in Thailand. Something to watch for this week among both tours is the fact that Frenchwoman Virginie Razzano is making Asia her personal playground, having already won two tournaments over the past two weeks and taking her first match today.

I have some ideas about what's going to happen in these tournaments: As a round or two gets knocked out, I'll post my picks.