Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lleyton, Tommy and Thomas (and the captains, too)

I just woke up and checked out to see what's transpiring in the ties around the world (told you I'm a fan!) and I saw some of the wackiest matchups I think I ever have seen in my years of following the cup:

Mikhail Youzhny vs. Phillip Petzschner: Who? The story hasn't been updated yet, but from what I did see, it said Tommy Haas wasn't "feeling well."

Jonas Bjorkman vs. Andy Roddick: What? In the first match of the day, when the U.S. can clinch the tie? Note to Mats Wilander: The year is 2007, not 1997, back when Jonas might have had a chance. On behalf of the U.S., we thank you for this gift to clinch the tie. You'd think Thomas Johansson would've been jonesing to get back on the court after the clinic he put on against James Blake. By the time I get through typing this sentence, Bjorkman-Roddick should be over and Andy should be over on the sideline hugging P-Mac.

Novak Djokovic vs. Chris Guccione: Huh? The story says Lleyton Hewitt woke up with a "viral infection." First, why was he playing doubles yesterday, when it's obvious you needed him for singles? Djokovic-Hewitt was gonna be the best matchup of the whole weekend. Too bad it's not happening. And Tennis Australia, you should rethink how things are going: with your program and John Fitzgerald as captain. He's made some weird decisions in the past, like if I remember correctly, sitting Todd Woodbridge from playing doubles, which makes no sense at all.

Oh, and Andy's up two sets to none on Jonas, with three break points in the third, so I guess I was a little off in my estimate of the match time, but not much.


Anonymous said...

I need to tap your encyclopedic knowledge of tennis: I have seen several references to the 1992 Davis Cup final in Fort Worth -- the last time the U.S. won the cup on its home turf. It was the U.S. vs. Switzerland, but who the hell was on that Swiss team? And how did they get to the final? Were they just extremely lucky, or what? And where was Germany and France that year? Also, I cannot believe that Sampras did not play singles in that final, but doubles with McEnroe.


Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Ahhh, the 1992 finals: What memories! Of course, I wasn't there like Andy Roddick, but that final was a big deal, especially to me because my two favorite players were playing singles: Agassi and Courier. They played against Jakob Hlasek and Marc Rosset. Hlasek had a decent career (he was in the top 10 in '88) and Rosset's career was starting to take off. What was big is that they won the French Open that year and had been wrecking other nations as a two-man team. They took out France.

Sampras wasn't playing singles because he wasn't Sampras yet. Agassi had a comeback year in '92 after struggling in '91, and had won Wimbledon. Courier was number 1 and McEnroe was still in the top 25-30. Rosset beat Courier, Agassi destroyed Hlasek, Pete and McEnroe beat Hlasek and Rosset in five and Courier clinched it, beating Hlasek.