Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ohio players

In the last big warmup before the U.S. Open, the seeds are darn near no more, with sections of the draw punched through. Federer's still around, of course, but defending champ Andy Roddick got knocked out by Spain's David Ferrer, a very solid top-20 player, but one Roddick shouldn't be losing to at this time of the year.

As I mentioned post-Canada, I don't know what's going on with him. If you really, really look at his results this summer, they have been kind of mediocre for supposed Slam contenders. You don't lose to Dancevic or Ferrer at this time of the year. Winning Washington was nice, but then you get dusted by Djokovic a week later. It's not like he was in the slump like last year, but some of his results I'm just not jazzed about.

I like Carlos Moya and Lleyton Hewitt pushing through. Moya's always been a class act and while a lot of people have a problem with Hewitt, his intensity is still impressive. What he's done in his career still flips me out: How does this guy with his game have the results he has?

In the bottom half of the draw, this is James Blake's time to shine and he should really be looking for some payback against Sam Querrey next for that Indy loss. Dude, you HAVE to come through and get to the finals here!

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