Saturday, August 25, 2007

"If they can make it here..."

It's officially my favorite tennis time of the year: The U.S. Open is a day and a half away! One of my favorite things to do is to make predictions for the majors and of course, the Open is no exception. But not only do I pick the winners and runners-up, I go as far back as the quarterfinals. (I would post my round-of-16 picks, but that might look a little too obsessive!)

Anyway, here I go, starting with the men:
Roger Federer vs. Andy Roddick: (If there ever was a stage in a tournament Roddick wanted to avoid R-Fed, this is it. After this match Andy, dump Jimbo and your brother and see if you can get a coach that helps you make adjustments.)

Nicolas Kiefer vs. James Blake: I'm picking Kiefer to come through a pretty weak part of the draw: Davydenko's been playing pretty iffy and Andy Murray hasn't been playing at all. Blake and Sam Querrey in the third round should be a good one, if James isn't tired from all the tennis he's been playing. Tommy Haas or Marcos Baghdatis could test JB in the fourth round, but he should come through.

Mardy Fish vs. Novak Djokovic: I know I said I was giving up on Mardy after Wimbledon, but this draw is so easy for him. If he blows it this go around ... I mean, come on! I could get through a couple of rounds in this section! But Djokovic should put it on him, especially if he gets through the toughest section of the tournament, with three of his first four opponents probably being Mario Ancic, Radek Stepanek and Lleyton Hewitt.

Fernando Gonzalez vs. Rafael Nadal: Gonzalez has been pretty much off the radar after making it to the finals of the Italian Open, but a soft draw should help him out here. Too bad he'll be running up against R-Nad in the quarters, who should be pretty rested and I'm assuming healed up for this tournament.

Semifinal picks:
Federer vs. Blake: Blake breaks through! But too bad about who he'll face on Super Saturday.
Djokovic vs. Nadal: This is the third big semi in a row for them, but I'm predicting a reverse from the other two.

Federer vs. Djokovic

Winner: Federer in four.

Tomorrow, the women (and as per my Wimbledon posts, I have to pick a Williams sister!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Van,

I'm not so sure about Nadal making it through to the semis. He looked pretty beat up in his first-round match against the wild card. Still, I think he should be able to muscle through a couple more rounds, which could make for some very entertaining matches.


jamie said...


You are a good commentator on Men's tennis but Keifer proved to be 3 levels below Davydenko yesterday and Gonzo went out early again as he did at SW 19. There he lost to Tipsarevic, who is in a great spot to upset the battle worn Nadal. Each year, it has been a shame to see Rafa go out early b/c he is the only guy who can consistently challenge and win v. R. Fed. However, Djokovic is rising to that level and I agree with your Fed and Djoke Finals prediction.
Last night , I saw Blake barely beat Santoro. He showed heart and enough pose to advance but he was erratic (losing his serve way too often). It was fun to watch Fabrice. He is undoubtedly the game's most unique player. He actually should have won that match. Mais, c'est la vie. Fabrice played the supporting actor role to perfection. That is, he provided all the drama for the audience but in the end he yielded to the Star. Deciding whether to hop on the 7 to USTA this morning. Djokovic and Mr. ALMOST Martina Hingis could be good and Marat is on deck w/ the Swiss #2 Wawrinka. But last night was emotionally draining and Blake nearly lost another 5 setter. We got back to the E. Village at 1:45 AM.

Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Hey Jamie. It's funny, I thought Tipsarevic was gonna get Nadal, too, then after seeing Jo-Willie Tsonga play, I thought he was definitely gonna knock off Nadal, but as we see, neither was the case!

Did you make it out for the Djokovic match? My friend and I did: from beginning to end. Looks like he's still moving along.

Yeah, I thought Kiefer had a chance, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. You know something that's been pretty wild? It looks like Davydenko's on a mission to squash all that gambling talk. He's running through guys.

jamie said...

Yeah I was at the Davydenko-Haas match (if you could call it that) yesterday. All Nikolay. It's like he knows the investigation could end his career, and he is playing like this is his last dance. His dancing looks good. I think he will take it 4 sets,possibly even 5 but Federer is peaking. Would be shocked if Fed doesn't advance to Sunday. Djokovic, assuming he can dispense Moya tonight, is gonna have a hard time beating Ferrer Saturday and then challenging Fed on Sunday.Djokovic needs to be more efficent in 3 of 5 setters to be capable of competing with Nadal and Fed on the 2nd weekend.