Monday, August 20, 2007

If only they'd read Tennis Talk, Anyone? before their matches

I tried to spell it out for Blake and Jankovic to do what they needed to do against Federer and Henin, respectively, but did they check this site out? Nooo! In their defense, I guess they were both going up against two of the greatest players ever. The score lines pretty much followed the previous six ones: Federer blows out Blake and Henin beats Jankovic in a tight one. I still don't understand, though: Why not do something different!

Anyway, the U.S. Open Series wraps up this weekend in New Haven, Conn. It's a dual-gender event, which would be great to see more of. An interesting result is Donald Young winning his first ATP match against a solid top-100 player in Delic. Young has been beating some top or former top 100 players for a few months now. Davydenko's the first top 10 player he will face in his career. I wonder how that'll go, seeing as Davydenko's not gonna be able to blast him off the court.

On the women's side, a player that's been on a nice little run the past few weeks has been Sania Mirza. This could be a nice title for her to pick up. I can see her getting through the bottom half of the draw and maybe taking out Kuznetsova in the finals.

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