Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh yeah, I play tennis, too

So I've been talking about Wimbledon for the past couple of weeks, but that's come and gone now. My predictions didn't win, but it's OK; life goes on!

When starting this blog, I went about it with the idea that it would be all-encompassing on tennis, and one of the topics I thought it would be cool to talk about would be my game and all it entails--the wide-scoping magnitude of it all!

I played a tennis tournament this weekend at the club I belong to, Roosevelt Island Racquet Club. It was a combined 3.5-4.0 tournament as there weren't enough 4.0 players to compete. Before I talk about how I did in the tournament, something should be noted about my tournament-competition hang-ups (or neuroses, as it were). I've lost a lot of matches that I shouldn't have and 99.9999... (you get the point) percent of those were mental. See, I haven't won a tournament in singles since I was 17 years old and I'm almost 34 now. Granted, I've made some finals and semis over the years, but no more tournament wins. It's something I've become almost obsessed with rectifying even though I don't do all the necessary training to make sure it happens.

Anyway, at least this past weekend, I was able to break my first-round losing streak. I came through more from a mental standpoint than anything, because I was cruising then hit a hiccup. Plus, my opponent's playing style didn't help matters any, but I held on.

In the quarters, I played the number-two seed and lost. A sucky partial cause of the loss was something that's happened to me a few times over the years. My ball toss for my serve gets completely screwed up. Not to take anyway from my opponent because he did the job and beat me, but I think he beat me with a little help from me!

Anyone out there know how a player can stop thinking about winning the tournament when they still have their first match going on? And also what to do about the ball-toss hiccups?

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