Friday, July 6, 2007

Bye-bye Berdych (and the Bagh Man, too)

First, I want it to be known that I like Rafael Nadal. You can't help but have respect for the guy. I never thought he had a chance, though, looking at the players on his side of the draw—Soderling, Youzhny and Berdych—that are supposed to be big-hitting, faster-surface players. I can see Djokovic (he who knocked off Baghdatis) coming through against him ... Wait, I interrupt this regularly scheduled posting with a breaking news announcement: Bartoli's up 3-0 in the third against Henin! More on this as it develops.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled posting.

Anyway, I think if Nadal gets through to the final, then something's seriously wrong with Wimbledon. I didn't mind seeing some nice serve-and-volley duels like back in the day between Edberg and Becker. If old Pistol Pete were to play another match there, it'd be a disaster for him.

And now Bartoli's up 5-0! I'll have to catch the replay later to see what happened.

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