Thursday, July 5, 2007

All my picks are still alive, right?

I've lost track with the rain and all!

Seriously though, there was some action going on before rain brought everything to a halt again. The Bagh Man got through, Djokovic took out Hewitt (a TTA pick)), Berdych (another TTA pick) beat up on Old Man Jonas. Despite the first set being tied up now, I still think R-Fed will get past Ferrero, but I also think not playing for a week is gonna hurt him against Roddick. The Roddick-Baghdatis Breakfast at Wimbledon is still on course!

As for the women, I hereby declare that I, Van Sias, of Tennis Talk, Anyone?, will pick a Williams sister in the finals at Wimbledon for the next four years. So much for my comment earlier: "None of the outside contenders are in good enough match shape." Venus has really shot that one down, demolishing two -ova's back to back. And though Serena lost to Henin yesterday, she barely did, falling in three on a bad leg (how bad I'm really not sure about, though.)

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I was impressed by Serena performance against Justine though she came short due to her bad calf.
I was disgusted by the comments made by Mc Enroe and some TV commentors about the severity of Serena injury, the overdramatization etc..Why in the world anything that those two girls do or say, has to be twisted so it makes them look bad? Serena never faked an injury, and Lord knows how she likes to win , and she didn't get to 8 grands slams by overdramatization .I think she is very talented, people should respect that.
Another thing that the TV commentors do is picking any small thing she says and turn it against her. After the defeat in her interview she did acknowledge that Justine played well...but what those tennis commentors retained out of the entire interview is that she said she was 40 percent ...I just don't understand why they are hatin on her...
Anyway my picks for the man crown is Federer of course and on the females I pick Venus ..she looks s good