Friday, June 22, 2007

Warmups before the big one

Well, the Wimbledon warmups are wrapping up this week. And since the finals are tomorrow, I'm gonna go ahead and make my picks:

In Nottingham, I'm going with Karlovic over Clement, even though Clement got him last week at Queen's.

In The Netherlands, on the men's side, I'm going with Ljubicic over Wessels (the Wessels story is kind of neat. Whatever happened to that guy? I remember watching him win Newport years ago, and thought he would have a decent career.)

For the women, Jankovic over Anna Chakvetadze. But I think Jankovic should slow down. Racking up titles can leave you a little tired for majors (not that I've ever played in a major, but still!)

In Eastbourne, Mauresmo over Henin, but I don't think this will mean much when it comes down to Wimbledon. I think Mauresmo will bow out kind of early, and Henin (especially saying how much she wants this one) will make a deep run.