Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rain, rain go away...

Today's been a wash on the grassy lawns at Wimbledon, but Sharapova and Mauresmo made it through. Tradition's all good and grand, but come on! Play on the middle Sunday! A retractable roof's not gonna prevent a backlog of matches. Wimbledon organizers (in case there's a slight miracle you might see this) give the people what they want -- more tennis!

You know, say what you will about her commercials, the dad coaching her from the stands, the "hot" factor, I don't think there's a female tennis player I root for more than Sharapova. All that other stuff aside (well, the coaching from the stands is crappy and I'm sure after today, Sugiyama would disagree with me), she's as gutsy as they come. To make it to the semis of the French was impressive, especially with her bum shoulder, and she's getting through Wimbledon. (Keep going, I have you picked to make the finals! Make me look good!)

On the men's side, things seem to be going pretty much to plan. I'm still not totally convinced about another Nadal final appearance. I think he'll get knocked off by a big hitter in the quarters (namely Berdych). If Nadal ever wins Wimbledon, then that should be a sign that things need to be changed there. Baseliners have won there in the past 15 years (Agassi and Hewitt), but those guys have flatter strokes than Nadal.

One more men's note before I wrap up this posting: I can't be more disappointed in James Blake's performance. I thought he would at least get to the fourth round, but it's kind of sad that I had my man Kohlschreibber getting through out of that part of the draw. This is a bold statement I'm about to make here: At the U.S. Open, if he's not in Federer's half of the draw and fails to make it to at least the semis, then he will never get that far at a major in his career. Faster-surface slams are the time to shine (as Roddick knows).

Oops, actually one more men's note: So long (this year, at least) Timmy! I really hope you pull it off at Wimbledon one day, or at any Slam, actually. (How awesome would that have been if you would've beaten Coria in the French semis a few years ago? Then knocked off Gaudio?)