Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hop on the Booty and Stretch bandwagon!

The Croatians came through for me in my final-round picks with Lubey and Ivo winning their first grass-court titles. I don't have either one of them making the quarters at Wimbledon (I'll make my quarterfinal picks tomorrow; I can't do it now, I'm at work!)

As far as the Eastbourne final and what resulted from it, I still think Henin'll go deeper than Mauresmo. As for the Netherlands result, I guess with a score that close it could've gone either way, but Chakvetadze came through.

However, the most interesting result on finals weekend to me was "Booty" and "Stretch" winning the Nottingham doubles for their third title. You've read it here first: I think Eric Butorac and Jamie Murray are stars in the making. It's pretty rad to see a new young team doing good things. I'll definitely be writing more about them in the future!

(Props to Coetzee/Wassien, Raymond/Stosur and Chan/Chuang for bagging doubles titles, too.)

Men's and women's quarterfinal picks for Wimbledon coming tomorrow.